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  Design Guide Plugging-Filling-Tenting Design Guide Multilayer PCBs, Flex-Rigid, Microvia HDI, Thermal Management, Wire Bonding, Printed Polymer, Embedding Technology 1,387KB [icon]  
  Design Guide Flex-Rigid Design Guide Flex-Rigid 999KB [icon]  
  Poster: Design Guide Flex-Rigid Design Guide Flex-Rigid 567KB [icon]  
  NEW!! Plug-in connections at any angle Application Note Flex-Rigid 2,365KB [icon]  
  Design Rules xF and xF-Ri (Flex or TWINflex®) Design Rules Flex-Rigid 808KB [icon]  
  Design Rules 1F - xRi Design Rules Flex-Rigid 453KB [icon]  
  Design Rules xRi-2F-xRi (two flex layers inside) Design Rules Flex-Rigid 701KB [icon]  
  Design Rules 2F - xRi (two flex layers outside) Design Rules Flex-Rigid 733KB [icon]  
  Design Rules FR4 semiflex Design Rules Flex-Rigid 694KB [icon]  
  Nomenclature for flex and flex-rigid buildups Design Rules Flex-Rigid 273KB [icon]