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New trends from printed circuit board technology - stay up-to-date at all times by taking part in Würth Elektronik webinars!

In our web-based seminars, our technology specialists and product managers will also shine a light on interesting topics regarding printed circuit boards. They will present to you printed circuit board uses and applications, explain the use of design rules and much more. Take the opportunity to gain information within a short presentation: succinct, independent, flexible and interactive!

For questions, please contact us via email to webinar@we-online.de.

Joint webinar from Altium and Würth Elektronik CBT:“Standard PCB Stackups and Materials”

Altium, a leading global developer of software for electronics design, and Würth Elektronik, one of the leading and best known PCB manufacturers, invite you to participate in a joint webinar "Standard PCB Stackups and Materials".

Have you ever discussed the layer structure of your circuit board with your circuit board manufacturer or your purchasing department? Have you ever had to adjust your design due to a layer structure change even though everything was already finished? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn’t need to type down (highly complex) layer structures from the data sheet, but simply read them in and make the necessary customized changes on a secured materials database?

Join our webinar and see how you can easily solve problems such as these right from the start of your design process.

Join this live webinar to learn the following:

  • Why use standard stackups and where to get them
  • How to use stackups and material libraries in Altium Designer
  • Sharing this kind of information with your teammates and collaborating with your Manufacturer

We invite you to this webinar on April 22, 2021 at 2:00 pm (CEST). 1:00 pm (BST).

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Würth Elektronik Advanced Solution Center – You need a SPECIAL printed circuit board? We make it possible!

With the Advanced Solution Center (ASC), Würth Elektronik is now offering you the opportunity to make special and unusual PCB designs come true - and not just as "chequered lilies of the valley" in prototype production, but always with the background of series production.

For this purpose, the ASC team analyses your PCB data and determines whether it can be manufactured in a Würth Elektronik plant with the help of the plant's own technical project teams, outside the standard of the plants, or the team searches worldwide for reputable and reliable partners who can convert your data into hardware for you on behalf of Würth Elektronik.

Your advantage: No matter what kind of PCB you need: You always have the same contact person and use the immense PCB know-how of Würth Elektronik to find the best solution for your issue!

Get to know the Advance Solution Center from Würth Elektronik in this webinar!

We invite you to this webinar on May 11, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

As before, we will pay special attention to your questions. Send us your questions in advance by e-mail or ask them live in the webinar. We look forward to hearing from you!

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